Letter: Muslims would welcome interfaith dialogue

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I read with interest Mr. Lyle Conrad’s letter on December 3, in which he sought interfaith dialogue with local area Muslims. At the same time he attributed something to Islam which I, as a Muslim, wanted to clarify. Muslims consider Jesus to be a prophet like Moses, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and Muhammad and thus he is a highly revered, sacred and holy person. Muslims do not ascribe divinity to Muhammad or Jesus or any of the prophets. Muslims worship Allah (the name for God in Islam) and like many other faiths, strive to establish a personal relationship with Him.

Every faith has miraculous accounts of its founders and Islam is no different. These miracles serve to inspire faith and become a sign for ages to come. Consider this for example: Quran, the holy book of Islam, was revealed to Muhammad, who was unlettered. Muhammad’s life is an interesting study. After his claim to Prophethood, he lived for 23 years, all well-documented, thus giving us a good view into his person and character. During this time we see him as a family man, persecuted, migrant, judge, teacher and leader. In all facets of life he showed exemplary behavior. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is always eager to engage the community in interfaith discussions. We hope to invite Mr. Conrad and others to our mosque and have a friendly discussion. For those interested, please call (920) 385-9457 or email [email protected]

Umair Ahmed


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