The end or the beginning of something new or both

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Mayan CalendarWill the world end today or tomorrow? Who knows? Actually, the Mayans might.. Their calendar intriguingly ceases at a date corresponding to Dec. 21, 2012. But does this mean the end or the beginning of something new or both?

According to Mayans, Hopi natives, and other indigenous peoples of America we are currently entering or have arrived at another juncture or new cycle of human evolution. Not surprisingly, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, folk religions, and for that matter almost every religion even mindset including Scientology, whether monotheistic or seemingly polytheistic, harmoniously agree with both the concept of this new epoch in civilization as well as its crucial timing.

The Holy Quran and traditions of Prophet Muhammad, for example, pinpoint the 15th century after his appearance, which we are already in, as Yawm Al Akhirat, the final era, Al Qiyamat, the resurrection, among other names. Various Native Americans have already performed sacred welcoming ceremonies for this transcendent period wherein we shall reunite with our “space ancestors”. Interestingly, the Holy Quran also prophecies our eventual contact with extra terrestrial life in the Chapter of Mutual Consultation 42:30. So the real question is; how do we prepare ourselves not only to benefit from this transcendent age of legendary proportions but also defend against potential threats? In fact, the Holy Books and noble Prophets spanning all our faiths elucidate in depth upon the reality and how to of this all encompassing transformation unbiased of background.

First of all, we desperately need to open our hearts to truth and unite realizing our obvious sibling-hood at last, under our Loving Parent in Heaven Who has been speaking impartially to all nations in all times, not just our communities! Secondly, I dare you to convert yourself into a devoted child of God and sincere servant of mankind such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Zarathustra, Moses, Buddha, John the Baptist, Jesus, Muhammad, Ahmad, etc. It doesn’t really matter who you choose, just follow them as they were not as you want them to be.

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