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world-peace-090420wAs we prepare to re-inaugurate President Barack Obama, let us remember that the majority voted back into office a Nobel Peace laureate who worked in the last four years to bring together members of all faiths on common grounds. For example, as a Muslim-American, I was heartened to see that in 2009 the president, a devout Christian, spoke to the Muslim world in Cairo about the fact that Islam is a religion of peace.

At a time when the drums of conflict are beating louder than ever, I hope that in the president’s next term the cries for peace will continue to sound.



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Sohail Husain

Dr. Sohail Husain serves as President of the Association of Ahmadi Muslim Scientists USA. He has also served in various leadership positions within the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Assoication and the local community. At his day job, he serves as an Associate Professor of Pediatric Gastroenterology at the University of Pittsburgh. His research focuses on investigating the molecular basis of pancreatitis, which is a painful, inflammatory disease of the pancreas. Dr. Husain considers the practice of writing as both a crucial professional engagement, as well as a powerful means of personal expression.

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Avatar photo By Sohail Husain