Tragedy can bring country together


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US-FlagLiving in this beautiful country grants us freedom. But unfortunately, the land of the free isn’t free of horrific tragedies. The senseless and brutal killings of innocent people at the elementary school in Connecticut has shocked and saddened the entire nation. The lone gunman took his own life after taking 26 others, that included 20 schoolchildren. Now, the families of these children must cope with this heartbreak, rather than watch them live a life of promise and hope. My thoughts and prayers go out to the lost ones and their grieving families.

This is a somber time in which all of us should open the doors of togetherness. It does not matter what faith one belongs, or doesn’t belong to. Bringing people of different origins together in trying times such as this will help alleviate some of the pain. I pray to God Almighty to protect mankind from these unthinkable massacres.

– S. Kaashif A. Qaderi


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