Prophet Muhammad Freed African Slaves


Originally published in Duluth News Tribune

Since 1976 the United States has celebrated February as Black History Month. We celebrate Black History Month to commemorate the efforts and perseverance of African-Americans in American society.

In school we learned how blacks were forced to give up their seats and go to the backs of buses any time a white person boarded.

However, 1,400 years ago, Prophet Muhammad treated Africans as equals. He married Khadija, who was very wealthy and had more than 40 slaves. But Prophet Muhammad set them all free, saying racial discrimination had no place in society.

As an American Muslim, I will continue to work to make our nation more tolerant, peaceful and racially harmonious.

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Zarar Hayee

Zarar is a eighth grade student in Ordean East Middle school in Duluth, Minnesota. He loves writing.

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By Zarar Hayee