Muslim community sponsors blood drive


Originally published in The Northwestern

Next week will mark the 12 year anniversary of 9/11, a day of bloodshed and incomprehensible tragedy. On Sept. 7, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Oshkosh will hold a blood drive at its mosque on 300 N. Eagle St. from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., to honor the victims and to emphasize sanctity of life, a teaching inherent in all religious traditions.

In fact, all across USA, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community will be holding ‘Muslims for Life’ blood drives, with an aim to collect 12,000 pints of blood, which will help save up to 36,000 lives. While this may seem like a lofty goal, last year’s Muslims for Life campaign, with enthusiastic support from local communities, resulted in collection of 11,170 pints of blood.

The blood drive in Oshkosh is being held in partnership with Community Blood Center which provides blood to 18 hospitals in Wisconsin and Michigan, many in the Fox Valley area. Please help support us in making a difference. You can make an appointment (call 920-216-3407; e-mail or walk in.

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Umair Ahmed

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Umair presently works as a Senior PeopleSoft Analyst at Oracular. He also serves on the national board of MKAUSA.

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By Umair Ahmed