Vigilance since 9/11 takes toll: Your Say

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Originally published in USA Today

Twelve years ago, al-Qaeda took nearly 3,000 innocent lives. I was too young to understand why, but I knew that the Islam I followed didn’t teach violence.

I knew that the Quran condemns the taking of innocent lives. I couldn’t understand why, when Islam clearly condemns bloodshed, some people kill and call it an act for the sake of Islam.

I have been searching for the right answer to this question. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community helped me when I came across the “Muslims for Life” campaign. The campaign aims to collect blood and save lives. In 2012, more than 11,000 pints of blood were collected nationwide. This year’s goal is 12,000 pints of blood, which can be used to save thousands of American lives. This is the best jihad by Muslims I’ve encountered.

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