A Muslim Comic Book Hero


Originally published in New York Times

As a Muslim American and an avid comic book guy, I applaud Marvel for creating a Muslim heroine, code name Ms. Marvel. In a post-9/11 world, dealing with problems concerning Islamic and American identity is still real. Ms. Marvel shows that the two are not mutually exclusive. Her actions are not real, yet are a strong part of my reality.

As a proud Muslim American, I have taken part in Muslim-led walkathons, given blood at Muslim-led blood drives and picked up trash at Muslim-led highway cleanups. Not in some foreign country, but right here in my own America. I’m no hero, but it’s a start.

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Salaam Bhatti

Salaam is an attorney in New York. He hosts a weekly radio show (Fridays at 7 PM) called "The Real Revolution" on www.wlie540am.com which discusses religion in today's society. He lectures on Islam in Long Island. Salaam serves as the National Faith Outreach Director for MKA USA, the leading Muslim Youth organization in America. He enjoys performing stand-up comedy and spending time with his wife.

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Avatar photo By Salaam Bhatti