A time for gratitude for All Americans


Originally published in The Santa Clarita Valley Signal

This eleventh of November, our nation will commemorate Veterans Day in tribute to the members of the armed forces who made great sacrifices defending our liberties.

This day has great context, spanning wars over a hundred years fought to defend the very ideology of freedom and conscience against mortal threats.

As a Muslim, I believe all prophets, including Muhammad, had emphasized that love and loyalty to one’s homeland are part of faith.

The prophet Muhammad said, “One who is not thankful to people is not thankful to God.”

This sense of gratitude bears equally on those of us, like myself, who have migrated here to escape oppression and avail freedom.

Veterans of wars deserve our deep and profuse gratitude for the great freedoms we cherish yet sometimes take for granted.

As an American-Muslim I feel grateful to them for this great sense of security.

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Amer Aziz

Amer Aziz works as a Senior Financial Analyst in the Banking industry. He is an active member of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and holds a keen interest in Islamic and Christian Eschatology. He has written Opinion Editorials in newspapers and articles for popular blogzines.

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Avatar photo By Amer Aziz