Remembering Veterans


Originally published in the Columbus Dispatch

veteranflagFreedom is a wonderful concept; one that is taken for granted but rarely reflected upon in our society. As Veteran’s Day approaches, we as Americans should remind ourselves the price that our veterans have paid for our freedom. As a Muslim American, I salute our nation’s veterans for the great service they have done for this nation.
Surprising? What may be even more shocking is that Islam obligates a Muslim to love his homeland. The Prophet Muhammad once stated, “Love of one’s homeland is a part of faith.” My love for my country isn’t just a commitment to my nation, but a commitment to my faith as well.

I take pride in their service to our freedom and country and encourage my fellow Americans in joining me this Veteran’s Day in thanking them for their service.

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Hassan Mirza

Hassan Mirza is a undergraduate student at The Ohio State University. His plans are to go to medical school after his undergraduate career.

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Avatar photo By Hassan Mirza