Find common ground in different scriptures

Originally Published in the Daily Herald


As an Ahmadi Muslim, I revere and love Jesus just as my Christian brothers and sisters do. This is because the Quran states, “Oh Mary, God gives thee glad tidings of a word from him; his name shall be the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, honored in this world and in the next and of those who are granted nearness to God (3:46).

To express my Christmas spirit, I follow the compassionate example of Jesus which is reaffirmed by the Quran when it states, ” … do good to parents, kinfolk, orphans, the poor, the neighbor who is near of kin, the neighbor who is stranger, the companion by your side ” (4:37).

Christians and Muslims alike interpret their scriptures differently, but there is no denying that the messages found within are the same. We must find a common ground to work toward a common good which can very well be our mutual love for Christ. And so, I wish everyone a merry Christmas!

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