How Obama should achieve world peace


Originally published in The Times Herald

What is the best way to achieve world peace? With President Obama’s inaugural ceremony just taken place, scholars will propose what the president should do, indirectly answering the question above. As a Muslim-American, I want to first congratulate the president on his re-election and pray that he will lead the nation effectively during his second term.

I think that the president has — domestically — done a good job. Among many things, he has had a congenial attitude towards Islam. Even though he has been called a Muslim, he has never portrayed Islam negatively. However, I wish the president applied the same level of fairness abroad. For example, the Guantanamo Bay Prison is still in operation.

So, the question arises again — what is the best way to achieve world peace?

Absolute justice.

President Obama has tried to do it here at home. I am hopeful he will do it abroad.

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By Taseer Bhatti