Youth should look toward Mandela, not Miley Cyrus


Originally published in Delaware County Daily Times


As I look around, I see our youth deteriorating day by day and wonder what the future will be like. School shootings are increasing, teenagers are having babies, teenage violence is rising, the amount of drugs used by our kids is increasing and test scores are falling.

What has happened to our youth? Why do our kids look up to Kobe Bryant and Miley Cyrus instead of true heroes such as Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, or Albert Einstein or our religious leaders such as Jesus, Buddha, or Muhammad? Our kids should want to make a real difference in the world. A leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community once said, “The reformation of a nation cannot occur without the reformation of its youth.”

As a father of two young children, I hope and pray that I can inculcate strong morals into my children so they can make a real difference in the world instead of trying to achieve a materialistic lifestyle.

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Madeel Abdullah

Madeel Abdullah professionally works as an anesthesiologist in Philadelphia, PA. A practicing Ahmadi Muslim, he is a husband and father of two.

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