Shock and surprise over Rice arrest

Originally published in The Baltimore Sun


I was shocked, surprised and stunned to read of Ravens running back Ray Rice‘s arrest on domestic violence charges (“Ravens’ Rice knocked fiancee unconscious, police say,” Feb. 20).

Mr. Rice was the last person I expected to commit such an act, if only because he champions the Ray of Hope anti-bullying campaign. By visiting schools, he teaches students kindness and compassion.

The other day my 7-year-old brother told me how his anti-bullying classwork would be hung in M&T Bank Stadium to support Mr. Rice’s cause.

For any other citizen who doesn’t have an $8 million salary or a Super Bowl ring, an arrest like this would be devastating.

But for Mr. Rice there may be just a fine or maybe a suspension. Even though that disappoints me, it does not surprise me at all.

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