Honor our service members for protecting our freedoms


Originally published in Times of Trenton and Asbury Park Press

I was born in Pakistan, but immigrated to the United States more than a decade ago. The primary reason I left Pakistan was the persecution that I faced because of my religious beliefs. In fact, an amendment to the Pakistani constitution in 1974 declared my sect, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, “non-Muslim,” thereby opening the door to state-sponsored persecution.

Now in America, I enjoy complete religious freedom. In contrast to the Pakistani constitution, the American constitution upholds my basic right to practice my faith without fear of persecution. What makes this possible? It is due to our brave service men and women’s willingness to give up their lives so we can enjoy the freedom granted to us by our Constitution.

As a Muslim-American, I am grateful for their willingness to sacrifice their lives to uphold this great American value.

So, whatever you plan to do this Memorial Day, please do take some time to honor those who gave their lives to defend our freedom.

About the author

Nasir Ahmad

Clinical Professor of Medicine at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School - Rutgers University, and specialist in Infectious Diseases, Nasir is the recipient of the prestigious Presidential Volunteer Service Award (Gold) in 2009. He writes on various topics including Islam in America, patriotism, religious freedom, etc and has published extensively both locally and nationally.

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