NSA spying encourages right conduct


Originally published in The Baltimore Sun


I believe the government should be allowed to collect metadata on our calls (“Judge upholds NSA phone scrutiny,” Dec. 28).

I find Washington Judge Richard J. Leon’s rejection of NSA spying as “almost Orwellian” and New York Judge William H. Pauley’s acceptance of the practice easily reconcilable. It is human nature to behave differently when one understands that someone is watching. I believe we should conduct ourselves at all times as if that someone were God.

As a convert to Islam, I now believe that there are two angels recording all our deeds; there is an angel recording all our sins and an angel recording all our good deeds to hold us accountable on the Day of Judgment.

Collecting phone data can be thought of as these two angels. Collecting our telephone data will deter crime and encourage right conduct. I find it perfectly in line with my religious beliefs and standard of conduct.

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Abdul Bennette
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