No Excuse for Violence


Originally Published in The Austin Chronicle 

Dear Editor,

The shooting outside an event in Garland where people were asked to draw cartoons of Prophet Muhammad should be condemned by all. Islam does not condone any punishment for blasphemy. In fact, during the Prophet Muhammad’s life, people hurled all kinds of abuse at him yet he bore it with patience and forgave them all. Those who act against the Prophet’s own example obviously have no respect for the Prophet or the peaceful message of Islam.
While we condemn this act of violence, we should also be aware that this event had little to do with freedom of speech. The American Freedom Defense Initiative is a recognized hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and their purpose in this event was obviously to offend Muslims. We respect everyone’s right to freedom of speech even if others find it offensive. But if that speech serves no useful purpose, as is the case here, then we should all be united in condemnation of such speech.



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Yasir Mirza

Yasir Mirza moved to Toronto, Canada from Karachi, Pakistan as a teenager where he finished his high school and got a Bachelor’s from University of Toronto. He now calls calls Austin, TX home, working for Nvidia as an Electrical Engineer on graphics and mobile chips. He currently serves as Director of Islamic Education of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association.

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Avatar photo By Yasir Mirza