Officer deaths must not deflect attention from issues

Originally published in Baltimore Sun


The recent killing of two New York City Police officers is tragic, but it should not be used as an excuse to ignore the issues that have led to it (“Hundreds of Maryland police attend NYPD officer’s funeral Dec. 27). Our country faces a rising problem of police abuse of power, much of which is racially skewed. Consequently, protests have erupted around the country in response to the killing of African Americans where the police officers responsible have not been held accountable.

As an Ahmadi Muslim American, I believe in obeying the law and respecting those in authority, so I condemn any act of breaking the law or rioting that promotes civil unrest. Such acts only weaken the platform of those who have grievances. On the other hand, I believe that those who have authority have a responsibility to be just and fair regardless of race and status. If not, they become corrupt and abusive and people begin to lose respect for that authority.

For the future, I pray for good police officers who work justly and fairly with people of all backgrounds.

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