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Originally published in The Columbus Dispatch

America’s election has come and gone, the result is known, but we all have to come together as a nation. No matter what our political affiliation is, America now has a President-elect; the best we can now do is find a way to heal and move America forward by building a strong government, and be being ambassadors of peace.

We have recently, especially post-election, witnessed a surge in harassment and hate crimes against Muslims and other minorities. Accounts such as the one that happened at the University of Michigan where a Muslim lady was asked to remove her hijab, otherwise she would be set on fire, are horrifying. Though the President-elect ran a divisive campaign as a politician, we should all forget all things that divide us but embrace those that unite us, because this is America, this is our country. We can not afford to see it crumble.

I am a Muslim American who belongs to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Ahmadiyya Muslims believe in “Love for All Hatred for None” and we condemn any and all harassment against any minority group in America. Let us all unite and work towards making our country safe for all of us. Let all abide by the laws of the states. Muhammad, the prophet of Islam taught Muslims to respect people in a position of power. Thus we all must now work together to build on the greatness of America.

Diverse opinion is the bedrock of greatness, otherwise, America would not be the greatest country in the world. Now that the country seems to be again divided. We should all promote the positives and make America even greater than yesteryears. As peace-loving Americans, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community all over the US has embarked on a project “True Islam,” a community effort to eradicate “Islamophobia” from the American society. Please find more information at May God bless America.

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