Calling Muslim world to curb extremism


Originally published in The Oshkosh Northwestern Every time I hear of an atrocity in the name of Islam, I feel the ever growing need as a Muslim to speak to the entire Muslim population. My intent in doing so is to unite all Muslims everywhere to join together and eradicate extremist and fundamentalist elements. I would begin by mentioning that protecting life, liberty, and property (i.e. houses...

The Irony on Who Speaks for Islam


How ironic. I stayed up all night writing a rejoinder to an anti-Islam politician who insists that Islam is a violent faith. Instead, I’m met by Al-Shabab who brutally murder 59 non-Muslims in Nairobi, Kenya, the Taliban who blow up a church and kill 85 Christians in Peshawar, Pakistan, and the Pakistan police who deface and destroy three Ahmadi Muslim prayer places in Sialkot, Pakistan. Each of...

Catholic Church


Originally published in Star Tribune
In his first remarks after being elected, Pope Francis said: “Let there be brotherhood among us.” I hope that we as Muslims and Christians can unite and establish the brotherhood to which the pope alluded.

Why Would a Church Turn Down Free Flu Shots?


Originally Published in WashingtonPost.com & HuffiingtonPost.com Let me guess: A flu-like illness afflicted you or someone you know in the past two weeks. What else would you expect? CDC is now reportingwidespread Influenza (flu) activity in more than 41 states. Since the virus infects blacks and whites, gays and straight, Christians and Muslims — indiscriminately — it kills...

Interfaith Inclusion – an Islamic tenet


Originally Published in Al-Bayan Some may disagree with this article’s title. As non-Muslims face religious persecution in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Iran, some rightly ask whether Islam can cultivate interfaith inclusion. Just recently, Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti called for the destruction of all churches in the Arabian Peninsula. If this heinous act is carried out, it would...

Egyptian church attack goes against the Quran


Originally Published in The Santa Clarita Valley Signal   The insane and cold-blooded attack murdering 21 innocent Christians at a church in Alexandria, Egypt is a horrific beginning to 2011. As an American Muslim, this attack is completely nonsensical, in addition to being utterly disgusting and sickening. The Quran: specifically sanctions Muslims to protect churches, not to blow them up...