Paris attack ‘un-Islamic’

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Originally published in Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Another barbaric attack has been done in the name of Islam in an attempt to honor the Prophet Muhammad but only resulted in its further defamation. Twelve people were killed as a result of a terrorist attack on the publication office of Charlie Hebdo in France.

Being an American Muslim and an imam of my community, I strongly condemn this horrific attack, which was not only un-Islamic but also inhumane. I extend my heartfelt condolences to the grieving families and I’m glad the perpetrators are no longer a threat.

If these people knew even the most basic teachings of Islam, they would not even think of committing such a despicable act. They forget the Quranic injunction, “… the killing of an innocent person is like killing of all humanity….” (5:33).

The Prophet Muhammad, whose honor they claim to establish, never retaliated against those who defamed him. Rather, he recompensed injury with love and violence with peace.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community stands firmly for freedom of speech, but it also encourages responsible use of it, especially when we talk about religious founders who hold great love and respect in the hearts of millions of their followers.

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