Sen. Michele Bachmann’s McCarthy-esque accusations against Muslim Americans are damaging

Originally Published in The Dallas Morning News

Senator Michele Bachmann’s recent accusations of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the United States government is McCarthy-esque fear-mongering for the 21st century. Her baseless accusations that top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, is an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood sent to infiltrate the U.S. Government is not only extremely damaging to her, but to all Muslim Americans who work and aspire to work in government offices.

Currently, I am a summer law intern with the City of Dallas, and I am a Muslim American. Upon graduation, I hope to work for my community. If baseless and libelous accusations are allowed to stand, then students like me who genuinely aspire to serve our communities could be barred from such positions due to conjured accusations that we are somehow attempting to undermine the United States Constitution.

Senator Bachmann should retract her position and issue a full apology to the hard-working Muslim Americans she has targeted.


Azhar Hussain, Plano

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