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Originally Published in The Express-Times, Lehigh Valley Edition

This weekend I attended an annual youth convention in Milwaukee with the theme, “For the sake of my country, faith and nation.” Participants took part in workshops and various educational and sports competitions. It was an atmosphere of real brotherhood, positively impacting the lives of our youth.

The event was not organized by the Boy Scouts of America or an evangelical church group. It was organized by Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya USA. You might not have heard of MKA USA, but you will. It is America’s leading Muslim youth organization, set to change the perception of Islam in the country. The recently formed Lehigh Valley chapter has been making a positive impact in the community with a blood drive to honor 9/11 and efforts to feed the hungry.

Most Americans, weary of Muslim groups, are pleasantly surprised to hear the peaceful message of Islam, conveyed to them door to door. Come see for yourself the spirit of this organization at Walk for Humanity ( on Sept. 29.



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About the author

Asad Chaudhry

Asad is a dentist by profession. He is serving as the Youth President and the Director of Public Affairs for the Lehigh Valley chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA.

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Good job Asad bahi … keep up the good work… love you !

By Asad Chaudhry