Muslims Helping Sandy Victims


Originally Published in The Hartford Courant.

This holiday season, many of us gather around a table to enjoy good food and company for the sake of Thanksgiving.

But how do we really show that we are thankful?

As American Muslims of the Ahmadiyya Community, we believe the best way for us to show our thanks is by serving mankind, particularly those of our nation, America.

Many Americans have still been struggling from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and to show our support, we have offered around 3000 direct volunteer hours through Humanity First. We have also served over 700 hot meals and cleaned many Sandy afflicted parks and homes in Long Beach, New York.

As American Muslims, we are thankful for our nation and what we have this Thanksgiving holiday.

Haris Qureshi, Marlborough

About the author

Haris Qureshi

Haris Qureshi is a high school junior currently attending RHAM High School. He is currently aspiring towards the study of both medicine and engineering. He lives in Marlborough, CT and has published in the Hartford Courant.

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By Haris Qureshi