Muslim Writers Guild of America To Hold Regional Conferences Across Nation


MWGA LogoThe Muslim Writers Guild of America (Majlis Ansar Sultan ul Qalam, USA) is holding regional conferences across the country. The aim of these conferences is to emphasize the significance of utilizing the pen in spreading the beauties of Islam and defending the honor of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The conference schedule is as follows:

1) Harrisburg, PA on Jan 5
2) Houston, TX on Jan 12
3) Milwaukee, WI on Jan 19
4) San Jose, CA on Jan 26
If you are an American Muslim (or non-Muslim) interested in writing for the cause of truth, you are welcome to attend. To register online, please click here (Registration is required).
Agenda for Harrisburg Conference (Jan 5) 
(VENUE:   Hadee Mosque, 245 Division Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110)

10:00am         Recitation & English Translation of the Holy Qur’an (96:1-6)

10:05am         Welcome Address By Local Chapter President

10:10am         Welcome Address by Host Qaid

10:15am         Chairman’s Address

10:45am         Majlis Ansar Sultan ul Qalam History – Sohaib Awan

11:00am         How To Write a Letter to the Editor – Sardar Anees Ahmad

11:50pm         How Twitter & Social Media Maximize Impact – Kashif N Chaudhry

12:15pm         Salat

12:40pm        Lunch

1:20pm         Write, Edit, and Send Out Letters On Site

3:55pm         Reconvene for Closing Remarks

4:00pm         Dua and End Conference


Please also take note of the Instructions below.

Instructions: Each of these items are required to attend the MASQ (Muslim Writers Guild of America) Conference.

1. Bring a laptop with a charger cable. If you do not have one, bring a notebook and a pen.

2. Dress is business casual. This means no ripped jeans, no t shirts, no unprofessional attire. At a minimum, a collared dress shirt and a cap is required of all attendees.

3. Make sure you are up to date on your MKA Chanda before attending.

4. Write a letter to Khalifatul Masih (aba). Relate to Huzoor (aba) that you are attending per his guidance to become active in MASQ. Request Huzoor’s (aba) prayers for a successful MASQ Conference and for your success as a writer in defense of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (sa).

5. Offer at least one Tahujjed before attending in which you pray specifically for your own success as a writer, and for Allah’s help.

Each of these five matters should be completed by or before attending the MASQ Conference. Jazakallah.



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it is the unHoly Quran.