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gun-control-proIn Taft, Calif., we are yet again faced with yet another school shooting less than a month after the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary. Fortunately, this time, I don’t need to write to the victims’ families to offer my prayers for their loss.

However, it only solidifies the fact that now is the time to talk about gun control. I’m not suggesting that the government take away all firearms as that – of course – is unconstitutional. Conversely, I’m not suggesting that we keep our current gun laws and just “enforce” the laws better – as this ineffective measure has proven completely irresponsible.


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Erik Chuchna

Erik Cuchna is currently pursuing his undergrad in criminal justice at Columbia College. He has been published in local and state publications. He is a human rights activist speaking out about religious freedom both domestically and internationally.

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By Erik Chuchna