The Real Revolution: a radio program about the real Islam

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Originally published in Hartford

HartfordFAVS contributor Zahir Muhammad Mannan invites listeners to tune into a weekly live radio program to learn about the real Islam.

”The program discusses hot topics from around the globe and engages listeners from diverse backgrounds and faiths,” Mannan said.

The Real Revolution airs every Friday night, (tonight Feb. 8) on WLIE 540 AM at 7 p.m. for Long Island and Connecticut listeners wanting to learn about fascinating verses of the Holy Quran and delve into their real meanings and how they apply today.

Mannan said the aim of the program is to broadcast the true teachings of Islam and remove any misconceptions about the religion, especially among American youth. 

“Some listeners call in to share their unique perspectives and input on intriguing topics, while others call in with stimulating questions. You can do both,” he said.

Listeners can tune in on the radio or through the internet at . Everyone is encouraged to speak out about their concerns on Islam by calling 631-955-5400.

You can follow the Real Revolution on Facebook and Twitter

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