Distorted Ideology


Originally Published in The Times Tribune

Another deadly terror attack has occurred, this one in Barcelona, Spain, claiming 13 lives.

As an Ahmadi Muslim I condemn this attack and stand in solidarity with the people of Spain.

The Quran unequivocally states that “the killing of one soul is equal to killing all of mankind” and these acts are anything but Islamic.

The danger is that Muslims and especially those among the youth are without a leader, a spiritual guide, per se. As a result, some of them undergo sporadic and discontinuous reformation, creating a void in their understanding. This void subsequently is exploited by terrorists like the Islamic State group.

As a counter-narrative to this distorted ideology of extremists, Ahmadi Muslims have developed a campaign of “True Islam and the Extremists” with the objective of providing the correct and peaceful meaning of Islam, as practiced 1,400 years ago, that can lead to everlasting peace.

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By Nayyar Ahmed