Muslim-Christian connection


As a Muslim American, I wish my neighbors and the rest of America a very warm and happy holiday season.

It’s a popular belief that Muslims are anti-Christian and that Christians are anti-Muslim. This notion is as bizarre as it is false. I admit, there are extremist elements on both sides of the aisle, but they don’t speak for the majority that pivots on pluralism.

Perhaps there is a connection that can bring down the walls of division and unite Christians and Muslims for good. Indeed, that connection is Jesus himself, who is revered by the Muslims as a prophet, mentioned in the Holy Quran. In fact, there is an entire chapter in the Quran on mother Mary.

This reference in the shape of an olive branch reinforces the commonalities which bind us into one big human family.

Prophet Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them) were champions of peace and brought salvation to their people. Why should we do any different?

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Nayyar Ahmed
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