The Flames of Extremism


Originally published in the Austin-American Statesman

There is a distinct lack of tolerance in the world right now, as evidenced by the gruesome attacks committed in the name of Islam in France and their aftermath.

It is unfortunate that the deprived and misguided youth are deluded into thinking they are doing a service for the religion when in reality they are doing a great disservice and also tarnishing the name of Islam. They deserve the greatest condemnation for violating the basic tenet of humanity and Islam.

As a Muslim it hurts my feelings to see my prophet ridiculed in the name of free speech and I believe that continuing to hurt people’s sentiments is not the way to build a tolerant society and can harm innocent Muslims.

At the same time, fanning the flames of extremism and murdering people will make things even worse. I pray that the French nation moves toward healing their society together.

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Alamzeb Khan
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By Alamzeb Khan