Prayers, solidarity

Originally Published in My Record Journal on March 5th, 2017


Prayers, love, and solidarity to Jews. As an Ahmadiyya Muslim American, I wholeheartedly extend my prayers, condolences, solidarity, and support to my Jewish brothers and sisters amid rising anti-Semitism and another condemnable attack.

The despicable onslaught on the Jewish Community has this time come in the heartbreaking form of destruction and vandalism of over 100 tombstones in a Jewish Cemetery in Philadelphia. I’m deeply upset about this and stand ready to defend Jews everywhere, their Synagogues, properties, and right to practice their faith freely. I hope to keep working with Jews and all others in dialogue and education until we live “love for all, hatred for none” together. Let’s build bridges of understanding to eradicate ignorance, extremism, and hate in all forms.

Regards of peace and blessings.

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