Plenty of blame for all in event and shootout


I was very troubled to hear the news of a shooting outside the Muhammad Drawing Contest event hosted by Pamela Gellar’s anti-Islam group. I am disturbed with the actions of the gunmen and also by the organizer of the contest.

As a Muslim, the proper response to such a distasteful contest is not violence — Islam means peace, and Muslims must practice it that way. True Muslims have to respond with reason and common sense. The senseless violence shown by these gunmen has no room in Islam.

Additionally, the organizer of such a contest needs to reconsider his or her actions. They should not abuse free speech and hurt a billion Muslims just to prove their point. The Prophet Muhammad is very dear to all Muslims; we learn how to live our life through him.

Any question regarding the Prophet’s life, therefore, is best addressed with respectful dialogue, not silly antics.

Tahir Ahmad

Muslims Writer Guild of America


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