Islam Advocates Peace

Aleem UddinKhalifa Aleem Uddin was born and lived in Sweden for 15 years and in 2004 moved to West Palm Beach Florida, USA. He is currently enrolled in a biomedical master’s program at Florida Atlantic University, and his ultimate goal is [...]
Raheela Ahmad Raaheela Ahmad is the 19-year-old maverick, challenging the veteran incumbent, Verjeana Jacobs, for the District 5 seat on the Prince George's County (Maryland) Board of Education.

Why Elect Students to the Board of Education

Faheem Younus QureshiA doctor, a writer, a professor, a student, a family man, a humanitarian – enjoys figuring out the challenges of Muslim American life. Learn more about him at www.Muslimerican.com Originally Published in The Huffington [...]

Islam on Education: Women’s Intellectualism is Mandated

Sardar Anees AhmadAnees is pursuing a JD and has a B.A. in Economics. He publishes in local, national and international periodicals, currently has a monthly column in The Finger Lakes Times, and runs the AAMS-USA science blog. He served as [...]

Prophet pushed for educating women

Khalid HusainKhalid Husain, in sixth grade, is the first “young” Muslim Writers Guild of America member to have published in a major American Newspaper. Originally Published in The New Haven Register I was shocked to learn that 15-year-old [...]

More lights like Malala Yousefzai should be lit

Ahmed KhanAhmed Khan received his BSc in Computer Science from University of Maryland Baltimore County and works as an IT Consultant in Oshkosh. He has published in various local and state newspapers and is an active member of the Muslim Writers [...]

Women of Islamic history

Amer AzizAmer works as a Senior Financial Analyst in Los Angeles, California. As a finance professional he has worked in Pakistan, Dubai, and the United States. He is also an active member of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and holds a keen [...]

In fighting for women’s rights, wounded Pakistani girl follows true Islamic teachings

Hassan MirzaHassan is a currently a high school student in Columbus, Ohio. He strongly believes in community service and loves to volunteer at food drives and take part in community cleanups. Hassan loves to write and aspires to become a lawyer [...]

Pakistan: Right Step to Target Taliban

Saad KaramatSaad Karamat is a recent graduate of University of California, Berkeley, where he studied global poverty and public health. He is an aspiring physician and humanitarian. Originally Published in The New York Post I am pleasantly [...]
malala cartoon

Schools, not drones, can defeat cowardly Taliban

Nasir AhmadClinical Professor of Medicine at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School - UMDNJ, and specialist in Infectious Diseases, Nasir is the recipient of the prestigious Presidential Volunteer Service Award (Gold) in 2009. He writes on various [...]